Do you need a root canal dentist in Hyannis, MA?

A root canal is a treatment that repairs a tooth that is significantly decayed or infected. During a root canal, the Dentist removes the pulp of the tooth. The pulp is the soft area inside the center of the tooth which contains the nerve. Once the Dentist removes the pulp and nerve of the damaged tooth, the area is then cleaned and sealed and the tooth will be preserved.

Why Does the Tooth’s Pulp Need to Be Removed?

When the pulp breaks down, bacteria can start to grow inside the tooth. This can cause an infection or abscess. Removing the pulp and sealing the inside of the tooth eliminates the nerve that is signaling the tooth pain. The nerve has no important role in the tooth’s anatomy. Root canals have earned a stigma of being painful while it’s actually the solution to the pain. Most patients find that root canal therapy is similar to getting a filling. Though most people don’t look forward to a root canal, at Hyannis Family Dentistry, we promise to keep you as comfortable as possible. We provide the service right here under our roof, allowing you to relax surrounded by familiar team. Please contact Hyannis Family Dentistry at (508) 775-8769